Your Complete Guide to Modular Kitchen Layouts

The kitchens are considered as the heart of our homes. This space is accountable for an aura loaded with positivity and its flow within the interior spaces. They are commonly used spaces of the house and thus, justify to be planned skilfully with an utmost observation. Another important factor is the major investment in designing your kitchen. Kitchen layouts are one of the most important planning elements in your kitchen. An accurate approach to the placement of the kitchen equipment could lead to a lifetime satisfaction and overall savings in services.

There are 6 most popular types of kitchen layouts widely used – L-shaped, Straight Line, U-Shaped, Parallel, Island and Peninsular – all of them have pros and cons with their individual specific uses.

1) L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout

Ideal for small to medium-sized kitchens, this is one of the most commonly used layouts. It maximizes the use of available floor space and gives an ample amount for movement and circulation. You can even place a little dining table on one of the ends. This layout requires one wall to be half the size of the other for its better workability.

2) Straight Line Layout

This layout is mostly used in lofts and apartments where spaces are the biggest issue. The ‘golden triangle’ does not apply to these kitchens but due to their one walled design, optimization in spaces is maximized and the workflow is continually maintained.

3) U-Shaped Layout

This layout is the most feasible option for the kitchen with ample spaces. It is considered to be one of the most efficient options due to the appropriate workability of the golden triangle. It wins over other layouts due to its structured planning and an arms distance between the fridge, sink and the stove.

4) Parallel shaped kitchen

Parallel kitchens could presumably be an intermediate to U-shaped and straight layout kitchens. The adequate movement of the users avoids the claustrophobia effect and thus, leads to a better working environment. It usually connects to a utility space or an outdoor sitting through the kitchen door. There are plenty of upper and lower cabinets along with segregated dry and wet zones.

5) Island Kitchen Layout

Let’s face it! Islands have been a dream to many home-buyers. These add a contemporary touch to the kitchen while providing a social pocket where the family gets to sit together and have a meal. This is considered an ideal option for open space areas that could even be used as a stove or a sink. It works excellently with the golden triangle.

6) Peninsular Modular Kitchen

If you are living in an apartment or a loft, this could be your best design option. The peninsular is similar to an island but accessible from three ends instead of four. It is a multi-purpose desk that could be served as a breakfast bar, workspace or an entertainment countertop.

Despite the layout, another noteworthy decision making lies either in the open or a closed kitchen type. Open kitchens are predominantly a segment of a larger living area or a dining area. This is beneficial in the lofts as these plans make the spaces look spacious. One of the salient features in designing a kitchen is comprehending the space as micro and then a macro level scope. It is indeed an essence, the most valuable essence.