5 Best Space Saving Ideas for Modular Kitchens

The kitchen is the most used part of a home. From the breakfast tea to dinner you have work to do in the kitchen. You have to deal with crockeries, dust bins, heavy drawers, overly loaded cabinets, dirty sink, large and wet utensils holder, cooking stove smoke, and dishwasher.

Modular kitchen components have a distinct advantage that along with fine quality cabinets, drawers, handles, and sliders its modules are specially designed to consume less space while giving more space for storing your equipment and utensils. You can avail of these little modular kitchen spacing ideas to manage your stuff easily and keep your kitchen clean.

Kitchen colours can lighten up or break down the moods of its users. It is an utmost important element to consider while approaching your ‘dream modular kitchen’. This article will not only guide you in selecting the right colour palette but also educate you about different colour theories, their designs and colour psychology. Here are the 10 present-day colour schemes to give your kitchen the best makeover ever.

Bottom mount waste container

Allotting an extra 4 square feet space just for the kitchen waste is not a good thing to do. A bottom round waist container is the best utility for saving the space of your kitchen. This is placed in the cabinet beneath the sink so that you can easily throw your garbage into it. It comes out automatically sliding when you open the cabinet door.

Stainless Magnetic Knife Holder

Have you ever got frustrated when you have to cut some fruits and vegetables and on the spot you cannot find your knives, you rush to the drawers, open cabinets put things upside down to find your knife. Or sometimes you find your drawer stuffed with forks, vegetable peelers, soup spoons, and grater where you are unable to find a knife easily. To make your knives always visible in front of your eyes, the best way is to use a stainless Magnetic Knife Holder. You can easily place it on your wall near your cutting board and cooking stove so that it remains in mind.

Wall Control Pegboard Panel

You can maximize your space in your modular kitchen by using a wall control kitchen pegboard panel. It comes in different sizes from 1/8 inch to1/4 inch diameter holes and is usually made from solid wood, metal, or any other metal. You can install a pegboard in your modular kitchen for hanging some of your utensils. A strong and properly installed peg bard can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. It is the best place to hang your tea infuser, cups, metal whisks, spatula, and fry pans. It can be installed above the countertop of your modular kitchen. the answer. You could opt for a deeper turquoise tone to add a bolder touch. Either way, this look never goes out of fashion!

Utilize your Window Sill

Modular kitchens modules have roller shutters that have an elegant look. These shutters and windows have sill that provides ample space for placing your kitchen stuff like cooking oil, salt, chili powder, or dishwashing liquid bottle if it is near the sink.

Cabinet indoor storage stand

Modular kitchens have soft close hinges for cabinet doors. The bottom panel of the cabinet can provide a good space for putting your juicer, dinner, or tea set into the cabinet but why not use the indoor of the cabinet where you can put a cutting board. It will be worth using to manage your space and will be safe to use because the cabins will have a soft close.

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