Setting The House Apart

There are several design styles that can be implemented in a household which will give it a unique ambience. We have mastered a number of them and visualised the many different ways each design style can be brought to life inside a home. These comprise distinct styles, colour schemes, decor and furnishing; therefore, we’re sure you’ll definitely find the one you like.

Classic Style

What defines modern classic look is not just one single aspect like minimalistic, but it’s a plethora of disparate things. There is a sense of richness to this aesthetic with a timeless look that combines structures interiors and a balanced style. Every little detail matters, and therefore the accessories, texture, and finish speak volumes. A marriage of the traditional/cultural with the modern, creating that ‘classic’ aesthetic.

Contemporary Style

Often a style that is known for being calm and serene, this is an elegant concept that will fully immerse the inhabitant with its warm and welcoming tones. There is a marked focus on architectural elements, decorative details and bold scales in its essence. Defined by a sense of subtlety and simplicity, the hallmarks of this design are cool tones, natural materials, start contrasts and attention to quality. This is the style of the present day.

Indian Traditional Style

This is perhaps a more conspicuous blending of the modernity and traditional, of western aesthetics and Indian sensibilities. This style features the sleek, simple, contemporary lines of modern designs with the traditional furniture, finishes, and accessories of Indian origin. There is a marked addition of wooden furniture as well as the multi-coloured textures of India. The overall impression is an exotic aesthetic that is unlike any other.

Minimalistic Style

Minimalism, just like the name implies, is the art of using of less for more, and in the design aesthetic, it is no different. It is generally characterised by simplicity, clean lines and a monochromatic palette, with colour used only as an accent. When applied, it incorporates the floor plan, abundant light, and functional furniture while focusing on the shape, colour and texture of just a handful of elements.