Once upon a time, the kitchen’s singular purpose was to be the site of cooking, however, now its not the case. It has evolved into something more holistic and intimate – it is now the site of family gatherings; where the soul of the home lays as each and every member communes to make memorable moments with food at its centre.

This has made us look for a new paradigm into kitchen designing, where the uniqueness of the people who inhabit the house are taken into consideration when creating the kitchen. The style of a should reflect this and that’s why our designers will unveil your true feelings and meld with your vision to create a kitchen that’s all encompassing.

After scouring though the pages of the upcoming sections, we’re sure you’ll be able to form a complete vision of the kitchen you desire.

Steps To Setup The Perfect Kitchen

Choose the layout you want

With a variety of different layouts to choose from, there is one for each of your different needs. From the very compact One Shaped Kitchen Layouts to the larger U shaped ones, create a kitchen that matches your style.

Decide on the number of units

The three fundamental unit categories - base unit, wall unit and tall units are there for you to choose from depending on how much space you have, the style that you selected, and the objects that you will keep in it.

Decide the fixture to embed

Choosing the type of structure will have a profound impact on the functionality of the units that you have embedded. This decision will be based according to your requirements on the location, the type of materials to be stored, and the ease of access etc.

Choose the materials for the surface

There exists in our catalogue a wide variety of aesthetically appealing materials that you can choose from: whether wood, acrylic or any other. Our inventory is filled with the most vivid pieces to select from and you’ll definitely find one that matches your taste.

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen triangle has become the design motif that all contemporary kitchens are based around in terms of the shape and functionality. It is an ideal placement of the three most important articles in the kitchen – the cooktop, the sink and the refrigerator – in an imaginary drawn triangle.

L Shaped Kitchen

The most popular of the lot and often the default for studio apartments. Like the name goes, it consists of two adjacent walls meeting each other at right angles so it creates the form of a triangle. This design espouses greater flexibility in terms of arrangement and storage. There will definitely be a seamless flow from one location to another, and to add to its strength it doesn’t require hefty amount of space.

U Shaped Kitchen

A layout thats perfect for a kitchen where more than one cook needs to work. For maximum utilisation of walls, the U shaped kitchen is ideal. Although it might it require a lot of space to be mounted, the kitchen frees up tremendous floor space. With cabinetry and appliances mounted on each side, the person is the middle has easy access to any one device of their choosing. Moreover, they provide greater storage options

Gallery Shaped Kitchen

If you’re having a narrow corridor space, then this is the most ideal. Sleek and elongated in nature, gallery kitchen consists of two opposing walls, mounted with cabinetry on upper and lower sides, facing each other. The floor space is narrow and lean like a walkway, however the storage space ratio is far higher. The kitchen work triangle theory is perfected the most with a galley kitchen that’s designed well.

One Wall Kitchen

Those looking for an efficient space for a stylish kitchen in a relatively smaller villa or condo, then the one wall is perfect. It consists of all the kitchen workstation being a wall mounted or placed adjacent to a single wall. Although the work triangle is not present, and the space appears might be cluttered, it is great for those preferring lateral movement.

Peninsular Kitchen

Similar to U shaped, but with a connected extension. This type of kitchen layout provides ample space for storage and it is a perfect alternative for smaller sized kitchen instead of choosing an island. It is accessible from three sides and can help separate spaces for an open place kitchen. Of course, you are going to get extra counter space to work on as well.

Island Kitchen

An island kitchen can be as the same as any other, but with an additional ‘island’ in it. The defining aspect of this kitchen is the presence of an island – usually a freestanding piece of cabinetry – thats placed in the middle of the kitchen. This makes it possible for any other shape to be turned into a fusion by adding the extra dimension of an island inside it. It can be used as a countertop, sink, or even have appliances mounted.