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Superior Strong Material

Superior Strong Plywood

Homworks products are made from certified plywood. It has good wear and damage resistance because of using selected species of hardwood core and face veneers.


High Screw Holding ability

Homworks Products are having high screw holding strength on account of high Density and Harwood species.

Water Proof

Water Proof

Homworks products are made by boiling water proof plywood. Plywood is made of Phenol Formaldehyde resin gluing together the layers of thin sheets of wood veneers at high pressure and controlled temperature.

Dimensional Accuracy

Dimensional Accuracy

Our product’s precision-engineered dimensions deliver perfect form and function, leaving no room for error or compromise.

Stain Resistant​

Stain Resistant

Homework products are resisting to marks, smudges and stains because of non porous and easy clean properties.

Scratch Resistant​​

Scratch Resistant​

Homworks products are protected against scratches due to using of tough surface laminates.

Impact Resistance​

Impact Resistance

Homwork products are exclusively made to withstand high impacts during handling and Installation.


Termite Resistant

Homworks products are resistant from Fungus, Borer and Termite because of plywood treated with anti fungus and anti borer preservatives.



Homework products are made by extending quality of plywood’s according to IS 710 and IS 1734 Standards compliance (Physical & Mechanical Properties) certified marine grade plywoods.

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