Range of Shoe Rack Designs for your New Home

The last few decades are responsible for propagating the excessive boom in the shoe fashion industry. The designers are endlessly innovating new types of shoes every week, month and year. Users on the other hand correspondingly, are thrilled to shop all kinds of shoes for themselves befitting numerous festivities and occasions. According to a study, an average human owns about 10 to 12 pairs of shoes, and this statistic is expected to rise in the case of women. Considering these numbers, we need an adequate amount of storage for our fancy shoe desires. The old traditions of storage are outdated and are continuously being updated with new sophisticated ideas.

Let’s explore some latest trendy styles of shoe racks and storages:

1) Glass Cabinets
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If you want to be able to view your shoes without keeping them in open, glass cabinets come into play. These cabinets comparatively look more organized and aesthetical.

2) Ladder Shelves
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These storages are good for smaller spaces with a huge amount of shoes. They are aesthetical, mostly used in wood. They could be installed in a little corner of your room and catalyze as an element of interior design.

3) Staircase Shoe Racks
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Utilizing the underneath of the staircase, this is the best method to utilize the space is smaller homes. It is a strategic method to use the unused hollow spaces under the staircases. This technique also ceases you from taking your shoes to your rooms

4) Under the Bed Shoe Storage
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There are multiple ways to utilize your extra shoes that do not fit in your cabinets or racks. Yes! Under the bed sounds like a good option right? You can store shoes here with either in-built racks or separable storage boxes.

5) Wall Mounted Shoe Rack
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They can be installed either in your closet or outside. A lot of people tend to use this technique at the entryway of their homes.

6) Shoe Hangers
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Compact, narrow and space-saving strategy of shoe hangers will never fail. They use metal rails that can be used to hang multiple shoes at a time.

7) Organized Closets
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Not everyone likes their shoes exposed; hence these options apply to the individuals who do not like cluttered colourful shoes hanging out. People who like to be extra organized can opt for this design.

8) Peek-a-boo Racks
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These racks optimize the spaces of corners and cabinets. If you place your shoes with the toe facing the floor, this is the possible best option to customize your space. It is a portable and handy method to adopt.

9) Cubby Holes
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These multi cylindrical installations are used to store your sneakers, shoes and boots. Their aesthetical look makes them add as an element to the room interiors. They could be installed on walls – cluttered or segregated.

10) Rack-by-the-door
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The back of your walk-in-closet door could be optimized as a storage space for your shoes. You have access to an exposed metal shelf that lets you pick up your shoe choice and leave for work.

Shoe storage is not a challenging task if you know what you owe. In today’s modern times, these storage spaces not only serve their true purpose but also add as a beauty spot to your interior space. Just like we prefer our shoe fashionable, the shoe racks too deserve to be trendy and snazzy.