Greta Zukoff

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Greta Zukoff Interiors

Greta wants to live in a world where cars can fly, funky, good-vibe coffee shops exist on every corner with plenty of pooches to pet, and summer and fall play on constant repeat!

As a designer and stylist, Greta is well versed in working with clients in person and 100% virtually. Whether she’s revitalizing a custom antique piece or styling someone’s dream home remotely, her passion for functional design that embodies the perfect balance of energy is her love. With influences in Feng Shui design principles, Greta’s gift is connecting with clients in a way that allows her to create a space that authentically communicates her client’s unique style and becomes a natural extension of their personality.

When she’s not designing, you can find her rockin’ to her favorite tunes and creating some Gluten-Free culinary magic in the kitchen, running barefoot on the beach, or sipping on a coconut milk latte at a quaint coffee shop in some new city she’s never visited before.

Greta’s design skills also extend beyond physical spaces to include Lifestyle Design where she enjoys coaching people on how to live life… As You Wish.

Tell Us About Yourself…

From Where Do You Draw Most of Your Inspiration?

I’m a wanderlust nomad that has traveled the globe near and far. The beauty of natural landscapes, rich architecture, and unique cultural styles are always an inspiration to my designs. Global styles can invoke a variety of feelings from the coziness of the minimalistic, serene Scandanavian Hygge style to the exotic of the intricate, colorful Indonesian flair. All reflecting a particular mood or quality of the space that perfectly aligns to your own personal expression.

Describe Your Go-To Style.

My go-to style is a simple, clean comfortable design that is loaded with both function and style. I love incorporating natural earth elements and mixing a variety of textures such as natural textiles, wood, metal, ceramic, and stone.

We Know You Love Designing, But What About It Do You Love Most?

What I love most about design is working with a client to create a space that truly conveys the feeling of what home means to them. Understanding exactly how a client wants to feel while living and enjoying their home and styling the space in a way that outwardly expresses these desires.

Business Hours

  • Monday:08:00 am to 06:00 pm
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          • Friday:08:00 am to 06:00 pm
            • Saturday:Closed
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